Alberta’s government is seeking input on developing hydrogen fuelling stations to help support future low-emission transportation needs. Currently the largest hydrogen producer in Canada, research suggests that the province can produce some of the lowest-cost clean hydrogen in the world.

The growing use of hydrogen fuel electric vehicles and hydrogen-diesel dual combustion vehicles provides an opportunity to reduce emissions in Alberta’s transportation sector while supporting the province’s growing hydrogen economy.

With that in mind, Alberta Energy is seeking expressions of interest to help the government gauge the potential for a provincial network of hydrogen fuelling stations owned and operated by the private sector.

“Alberta has the potential to be a global hydrogen leader. To help make that reality, we need to have the infrastructure in place to support its use,” said Pete Guthrie, Alberta’s Minister of Energy. “Hydrogen fuelling stations could power heavy-duty commercial vehicles, help reduce emissions and support future adoption in other mobility sectors. We are a province driven by innovation, and I look forward to reviewing the proposals.”

The expression of interest is focused on the heavy-duty transportation sectors because they are the most likely to be early adopters of hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles. Industry will be asked to provide information including potential locations, capital and operating costs, delivery and storage, and safety considerations. In addition, the expression of interest will gather information to assess the potential for the infrastructure to be used for general commercial and personal use of Albertans.

“As the largest producer of hydrogen in Canada, Alberta is uniquely positioned to be a leader in the hydrogen economy,” said Devin Dreeshen, Alberta’s Minister of Transportation and Economic Corridors.

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“Hydrogen fuelling stations could present many advantages to the heavy-duty transportation sector such as rapid refuelling, longer travel distances and the ability to support heavy payloads. This paves the way for more jobs and economic growth in Alberta and across Canada.”

In 2021, Alberta released its Hydrogen Roadmap, which outlines the province’s vision to deploy Alberta-produced hydrogen across domestic and global markets. Transportation was identified as a major market to integrate clean hydrogen. To help ensure this market grows in the future, a reliable fuelling network that meets the needs of Albertans and industry is required.

For further information, visit: Expressions of Interest for hydrogen fuelling stations

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