Downey Ridge Environmental Company (DRE), developer of Greasezilla℠ FOG (fats, oils & grease) separation and processing system, anticipates another year of stellar growth with new installations, expansion of current Greasezilla sites, enhanced service offerings for Greasezilla Fuel sales, and plans for company-managed FOG receiving stations.

DRE finishes 2023 with accelerating momentum and anticipates 2024 to see the highest growth in the company’s history. The company added eight processing sites in 2023 and is on pace to add another dozen in 2024. DRE is also pursuing locations for corporate sites and co-location with cities.

In other notable news:

  • DRE welcomed several valued customers, including WM, whose site became operational earlier this year.
  • NORESCO, a part of Carrier Global Corporation, added Greasezilla systems to its list of innovative distributed energy, storage, and renewable energy solutions. The companies are collaborating on projects for 2024.
  • Following the successful implementation of Greasezilla by Woodard & Curran in Groveland, FL, the companies expect to add two additional processing sites in 2024.
  • Downey Ridge is completing the expansion of the Town of Wareham’s Greasezilla system that will make it a hub for Cape Cod, the Boston area and Providence, RI.
  • South Carolina Water Utility added a fourth Greasezilla reactor to its Elgin, SC, system to increase processing capacity. This site now boasts the largest system in the Greasezilla network to date.
  • Greasezilla Fuel added contracts for pick up, transport, and sale of Greasezilla’s brown grease offtake on behalf of clients. Greasezilla Fuel is now selling across the U.S. as a feedstock for renewable diesel, sustainable aviation fuel, biodiesel, and marine fuel.
  • Modern Pumping Today included Greasezilla on its list of Top Products of the Year for the third consecutive year.

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Featured image: Aerial of HRSD Army Base: The cleantech keeps FOG waste out of sewers and infrastructure and ensure it is being treated responsibly. Credit: DRE.

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