Commercial building owners in Alberta and Saskatchewan will be able to upgrade their buildings with energy-efficient solutions and zero upfront costs. Efficiency Capital, Canada’s first Energy-as-a-Service company, has partnered with CLEAResult, the nation’s leading energy efficiency solutions provider, to launch this innovative initiative.

Businesses in Alberta and Saskatchewan can now complete energy efficiency upgrades without any upfront capital. The investment is paid back over time from the savings generated, resulting in increased building values and positive cash flows from day one. In addition to access to preferred project capital, businesses will also enjoy the support of an expert project team to help manage the project’s implementation, leaving building owners to focus on what matters most—their business operations.

Qualifying projects will undergo a diverse range of energy retrofits, including—but not limited to—building envelope improvements, on-site renewable energy generation, and fuel switching for retail spaces, warehouses, accommodation, and food service facilities.

“Energy efficiency and economic stimulus go hand in hand,” says Chandra Ramadurai, CEO of Efficiency Capital. “We’re thrilled to provide capital and turn-key execution for these cash flow-positive projects that Alberta and Saskatchewan building owners can use as an opportunity to lower energy costs in their facilities while creating jobs and environmental benefits that support the whole community.”

Efficiency Capital, which has a track record of deploying capital for energy upgrade projects across the country, will bring in the required funding and project management capability, while CLEAResult will leverage its experience and reputation as a leading program execution partner to identify, plan, leverage funding programs and support the execution of these projects.

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“Our biggest challenge is that there’s so much money available, and not enough businesses are taking advantage of it,” Keri Macklin, CLEAResult’s vice president of Decarbonization, explained. “Deploying this much capital for energy conservation as quickly as we plan to has never been done, and we’re excited to make it happen.”

Applications to the program’s first cohort, with funds of approximately $75 million, will be accepted until October 31, 2023.

To apply or to find out more, visit:

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