Additional funding for berms in Alberta’s Bragg Creek will help ensure the community is protected against flooding while supporting economic recovery.

The province of Alberta has committed $9.4 million in additional funding for flood mitigation in Bragg Creek as part of a pledge to provide adequate flood protection for communities upstream of the Springbank Reservoir. These projects are a component of the province’s overall flood mitigation strategy for southern Alberta. The Bragg Creek project is expected to create about 60 jobs during the construction phase.

“The recent flooding in northern Alberta has shown once again the devastating impact severe weather events can have on families, communities and the economy,” said Jason Nixon, Minister of Environment and Parks. “That’s why it’s so important that we ensure high-priority flood mitigation projects are able to move forward, including the work planned for Bragg Creek.”

The province previously provided $27.2 million for flood protection for Bragg Creek. The additional $9.4 million will allow Rocky View County to increase the length of the flood barriers to nearly four kilometres, replace Bracken Road Bridge and stabilize an additional 475 metres of riverbank. The $42.2-million project also includes funding from the federal government.

“Bragg Creek was one of the most harmfully affected communities by the 2013 floods. Many of our homes and businesses have still not rebuilt to this day,” said Miranda Rosin, member of the Legislative Assembly for Banff-Kananaskis. This additional $9 million investment by our government for berms along the Elbow River is a step towards ensuring the community of Bragg Creek is protected against future unpredictable natural disasters.”

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Construction is expected to begin this year and be complete in 2023.

For further information on this project, click here.

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