Yesterday at the GLOBE Forum in Vancouver, B.C.DelphiGLOBE Series and partners announced the Net Zero Supply Chain (NZSC) Initiative, which is the first of its kind in Canada. The Net Zero Supply Chain Initiative is an innovative partnership focused on bringing together a group of transportation leaders to design and deliver Canada’s first-ever net-zero supply chain pilot. ​

Specifically, the goal of the initiative is to help decarbonize Canada’s freight-transportation sector and deliver a number of other environmental, social and economic benefits across Canada’s supply chains. This work will prove that decarbonizing Canada’s supply chain is possible, and the group is inviting others in the transportation sector to join the initiative.

“The NZSC is the embodiment of why we created Profoundry: to drive more impact by bringing different people and organizations together in new ways,” said Mike Gerbis, CEO of Profoundry. “We believe that collaboration is key to accelerating ideas and solutions, and this initiative brings together an incredible group of leaders to do exactly that.”


At the GLOBE Series Forum on February 14, 2024, the Net Zero Supply Chain (NZSC) Initiative brings together a group of transportation leaders to design and deliver Canada’s 1st Net Zero supply chain pilot. (Credit: GLOBE Series/NZSC.)

The first phase will focus on one part of the freight-transportation journey: moving a shipment from the port to a store using net-zero technologies. Initially this will be within a 50-100km radius of the Port of Vancouver and, after the initial demonstration, the group will apply the lessons learned to shipments from the West Coast to Eastern Canada.​ Once they learn more about how to address barriers to decarbonizing freight transportation, the plan is to be able to accelerate the deployment of net-zero solutions across the supply chain.

For further information on the Net Zero Supply Chain Initiative, contact Alice Martin, VP of Partnerships at

Featured image credit: Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

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