Several cleantech companies are rising to the challenges presented by the coronavirus disease of 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic and are working hard to innovate and deliver supplies that are critical to Canada’s response to this unique situation.

Certain companies are pivoting on their core services to help provide solutions such as portable COVID-19 tests, ventilators, personal protective equipment and energy efficient management systems.

According to the Ontario Cleantech Technology Industry Association (OCTIA), the following companies are examples of industry leaders that are demonstrating the innovative power of cleantech:

Spartan Bioscience is producing portable rapid COVID-19 tests that have been game-changing for health officials. Spartan specializes in making DNA testing accessible to everyone. Their tests are used in a variety of fields, including food and water safety.

TransPod has started producing ventilators, building on their work of designing a fresh-air system for its vehicle cabins. Under normal circumstances, the company is developing the next generation of affordable and sustainable ultra high-speed transportation for a better connected and fossil fuel-free society.

Nanoleaf, a company producing energy efficient light panels is directing all its resources to the manufacturing and distribution of the masks, goggles and gloves which are lacking in Canadian and the American healthcare systems.

Parity, an energy management company, launched its “Pay It Forward” program, an incentive plan that will help new clients offset the unprecedented energy costs associated with the pandemic, from hospitals to residences. Parity’s application makes reducing energy consumption a community effort, with a real-time dashboard and monthly savings reports.

Brad Pilgrim, CEO of Parity is giving $10,000 to all new clients in
efforts to help offset increasing condominium fees
as a result of social distancing and working from home.

OCTIA is a member of the CanadaCleantech Alliance, a national consortium with a mandate to advocate for cleantech companies, help brand Canada’s cleantech sector, and open doors to business opportunities for members.

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For further information on OCTIA and its COVID-19 response, click here.

Featured image from OCTIA.


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