Purpose ESG Holdings Inc., an investment issuer building a portfolio of technology companies demonstrating leadership in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) outcomes, has announced the appointment of Steven Landry as the chairman of the Board of Directors.

“Mr. Landry is an established and respected executive in the global automotive and energy sectors, both of which are of key strategic value to Purpose ESG,” said Young Bann, CEO of Purpose ESG, based in Vancouver, British Columbia. “His deep understanding of these industries will be a key asset to the Company as we identify and support the growth of technologies capable of reinventing these sectors and others, to build a cleaner and more sustainable future.”

Steven Landry, chairman of the board at Purpose ESG Holdings, Inc.

Landry was formerly CEO of DaimlerChrysler Canada, president of Chrysler Europe in Brussels, EVP of sales and marketing, and parts and service for Chrysler North America in Detroit. He also held leadership roles with Global Electric Motors US, and served as chair of the National Automotive Council of Canada.

He has also held various leadership roles with ATCO, an energy infrastructure company, including the position of Managing Director of ATCO Australia, which established the various ATCO energy companies in Australia.

Landry was also previously CEO of retail automotive group AutoCanada. During his 3-year tenure as CEO, he led the M&A effort to add and diversify dealerships in the portfolio of stores as well as establish an omnichannel digital and in-store integrated approach for sales and customer service.

“There is tremendous potential for the range of innovations that Purpose ESG is focused on,” said Landry. “The era of companies simply accepting negative externalities as a part of doing business is now behind us. The time has come to drive real innovation in the areas that can have the greatest impact on sustainability in the new economy. We are investing in companies that are focused on electrification, food tech, hydrogen power, carbon reduction, and technologies supporting the circular economy.”

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