Jean-Yves Duclos, president of Treasury Board of Canada and member of parliament for Quebec, on behalf of Seamus O’Regan, Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources, announced an investment of over $2.1 million for Corem, a Quebec-based innovative expertise centre in mining processing.

“The Government of Canada continues to invest in projects that position Canada’s mining industry as a leader on the global stage,” said Duclos. “Through innovative ideas and dedicated partners such as Corem, which has been a presence in the Quebec region for more than 20 years, we are helping to reduce impacts on the environment, create jobs and ensure good mining practices in Quebec for years to come.”

Funding is provided through Natural Resources Canada’s Clean Growth Program, which invests in clean technology research and development projects in Canada’s energy, mining and forest sectors. The program is a $155-million investment fund that helps emerging clean technologies further reduce their impacts on air, land and water while enhancing competitiveness and creating jobs. The Quebec Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources is also contributing an additional $100,000 to this project.

The funding will support the development of recovery and recycling of cyanide in the gold extraction process, which is more environmentally sustainable and reduces the impact of gold mining on the aquatic ecosystem.

Corem will work to accelerate the deployment of the process at commercial scale by constructing a pilot-scale processing plant. The recycling technology is expected to reduce the volume of contaminated water stored in tailings ponds, thereby contributing to the sustainability and competitiveness of the mining industry.

“This financial support demonstrates the importance and interest in the development of clean technologies for the mining industry and the Government of Canada,” said Francis Fournier, president and chief executive officer of Corem. “It allows Corem to pursue its mission of developing innovative solutions for the benefit of a sustainable mining industry and of working closely with our members, our customers and our partners.”

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