ALTRA | SANEXEN, a leading environmental and water solutions provider headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, has been awarded a contract by Waste Connections to provide the first continuous full-scale PFAS remediation solution to the landfill and industrial waste management industry. This contract, the first of its kind, aims at achieving a guaranteed level of PFAS removal in contaminated leachates.

PFAS, or per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, is a man-made group of chemicals known as “forever chemicals” that have been manufactured for used in a wide range of consumer and industrial products. As these products reach their end of life and are discarded, they eventually find their way into landfills. Research has shown that PFAS have become pervasive in the environment and pose a health risk when accumulated in the body, creating a need to safely destroy or sequester these contaminants while leaving limited harmful byproducts.

ALTRA PFAS Solution offers landfill operators a comprehensive and cost-effective approach to reduce PFAS contamination in leachate and wastewaters. ALTRA’s solution combines the power of its proprietary foam fractionation technology with high-performing modular units operating in continuous mode to treat large volumes of water contaminants. As part of this groundbreaking project, ALTRA | SANEXEN will provide and operate its modular units at Waste Connections’ landfills in Rosemount and Rich Valley, Minnesota, for the next 10 years. The company serves more than eight million residential, commercial and industrial customers in mostly exclusive and secondary markets across 43 states in the United States and six provinces in Canada.

ALTRA | SANEXEN Awarded First-Of Its Kind Contract by Waste Connections to Combat PFAS

As part of this groundbreaking project, ALTRA | SANEXEN will provide and operate its modular units at Waste Connections’ landfills in Rosemount and Rich Valley, Minnesota, for the next decade. Featured image credit: ALTRA | SANEXEN.

“Waste Connections is excited to partner with ALTRA | SANEXEN in reducing PFAS concentration in the leachate generated at our landfills,” said Kurt Shaner, vice-president of engineering and sustainability. “PFAS are commonly used in many different household and commercial products, which then turn in to waste that is deposited in our landfills. As a receiver of these PFAS-containing wastes, we work to properly sequester as much of the PFAS present in those wastes as possible. For any landfill byproducts containing PFAS we are unable to sequester, we are committed to treating, so as to reduce their presence.”

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“ALTRA PFAS Solution is the culmination of years of development, extensive pilots in the most complex conditions and it is the leading way to remove a significant amount of PFAS from leachate with the confidence that can only be realized through years of experience in the field,” said Martin Bureau, vice-president of innovation at ALTRA | SANEXEN, and PFAS Lead. “We are very excited to bring our proven technology to assist in the treatment of landfill leachate.”

“Waste Connections is at the forefront of waste management sustainability, and we are honored to be part of its next chapter as it continues to demonstrate environmental leadership in the landfill industry,” reinforced Jean-François Bolduc, president of ALTRA | SANEXEN. “ALTRA’s team of subject matter experts share Waste Connections’ commitment to solve the environmental challenges facing the landfill and industrial waste management markets. We are excited to partner with clients like Waste Connections to deliver a lasting impact for the next generations.”

Featured image credit: ALTRA | SANEXEN.


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