Ship & Shore Environmental, Inc. (S&SE), a global leader in environmental technology, is expanding its reach and impact across various sectors, reaffirming its commitment to combat environmental challenges with innovation and precision.

Since 2000, the company has offered a full spectrum of environmental services, with a focus on air abatement systems, including a complete array of engineering and manufacturing capabilities and global offices around the U.S., Canada, Europe, India, Thailand, China, and more.

Environment Journal recently engaged Ship & Shore president and CEO Anoosheh Oskuian to share her vision for the business in 2024 and her views on trends in the industry.

“My vision for 2024 is clear. We aim to be at the forefront of cleantech solutions, leading the charge in assisting operating manufacturers to grow sustainably. Manufacturing, the backbone of any economy, is pivotal, and our mission is to ensure it is conducted with utmost environmental consciousness in the era of climate change,” says Oskuian. “By driving down utility costs and advocating for the conservation of resources, we not only support businesses but also make a significant impact in the fight against climate change. Our commitment lies in the harmony of industry and the environment, shaping a future where progress is synonymous with sustainability.”

What are some key challenges they are working to overcome in order to achieve that harmony?

“One key area for improvement lies in the need for more stringent regulations across the entire country. Currently, we observe a disparity, with eastern Canada having more rigorous regulations for air pollution compared to other regions. Establishing uniform regulations nationwide is paramount to unlocking greater opportunities for the clean tech market,” explains Oskuian.

“Harmonizing these standards not only fosters a level playing field but also propels Canada forward in embracing sustainable practices. It’s essential to recognize the significance of manufacturing in our economy, but equally crucial is the understanding that it must be approached consciously, with a commitment to environmental responsibility. Bridging these gaps and promoting conscientious manufacturing practices will undoubtedly propel Canada towards a greener and more sustainable future.”

Ship & Shore Environmental CEO President and CEO Anoosheh Oskuian. 

Entering New Industries: Electric Vehicle (EV) Market 

In 2023, Ship & Shore Environmental ventured into the rapidly growing electric vehicle (EV) market, introducing pollution abatement solutions for both car manufacturing and rechargeable car batteries. Recognizing the critical need to address emissions from EV production, the company closed pivotal projects with leading manufacturers, mitigating volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and preventing the release of harmful gases during manufacturing.

Sustainable Energy Initiatives: Solar and Wind

Ship & Shore expanded its pollution abatement solutions for solar panel manufacturing. As solar technology continues to gain traction globally, the company is aiding clients in minimizing the environmental impact associated with the escalating demand for solar panels. By advocating for cleaner production practices, Ship & Shore aims to pave the way for safer and more affordable solar panel recycling.

The company also showcased its commitment to sustainability in wind turbine manufacturing, addressing eco-impacts such as greenhouse gases and toxic air pollutants. The company’s comprehensive air pollution abatement solutions are tailored to tackle mounting landfill waste generated by non-recyclable turbine blades.

Innovative Solutions in Biogas and Chemical Sectors

Ship & Shore continued its stride in the biogas industry by introducing cutting-edge solutions that leverage organic materials to produce renewable natural gas (RNG). Embracing Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTOs) over traditional methods such as Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizers (DFTOs), the company solidified its position as a driving force in transitioning towards cleaner energy solutions.

The company also emphasized its commitment to delivering comprehensive environmental solutions in Canada, custom-designing state-of-the-art systems for prominent players in the chemical sector.

Global Expansion and Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

Throughout 2023, Ship & Shore expanded its global footprint, making significant strides in Canada, China, and India. The company’s environmental solutions address local challenges and align with the commitment to combating climate change globally. By emphasizing collaboration and synergies between teams worldwide, the company reinforced its dedication to international operations.

In Canada, Ship & Shore announced its expansion with a pioneering project tailored for the chemical sector. This venture involved creating a state-of-the-art environmental solution, including a DFTO, waste heat boiler, H2S scrubber system, and an enclosed flare.

Recently, Ship & Shore presented its expertise to the Metro Vancouver team, reinforcing its commitment to setting industry standards and aiding clients in sustainable growth while ensuring compliance with environmental regulations. Oskuian and her team will keep EJ informed about developments in 2024.

Featured image: Custom designed system for a chemical company, courtesy of Ship & Shore Environmental.

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