Monday, March 20, 2023

Tag: Andrea Zanon

What to expect from the COP27 climate summit

We are just a few weeks away from 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference, more commonly referred to as COP27. This year, the 27th global...

Megadroughts and massive impacts to environment and economy  

Drought is a slow-moving natural disaster, a kind of creeping phenomenon, which destroys livelihood and economies, but the impacts of which show up over...

Green tech investment could reach $5 trillion by 2025

For Canadian and global markets, sustainable business is the only way forward and companies that do not participate in decarbonization will lose out. Green...

Davos delivers on private sector commitment to decarbonize

The November 2021 Climate Summit (COP26) in Glasgow consolidated the momentum toward a transition to green growth and a decarbonized economy. Unsurprisingly, this involved...

Canadians can learn from global community about capitalizing on green growth

The economic cost caused by weather events in Canada is increasing, and according to regional modelers, the damage and losses are rising faster than in...

ESG advisor on climate change risk and opportunity

By Andrea Zanon The global climate change conference in Glasgow offers a critical opportunity to accelerate the adoption of robust climate standards to protect the...