Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Tag: Concordia University

Zero-carbon buildings accelerator launches with support from Concordia

The City of Montreal's recent commitment to achieve zero-carbon buildings by 2040 is great news for the environment and local communities. It also presents...

Concordia Leads Research Project on Developing Smart Cities

The Canada Foundation for Innovation is funding a Concordia University-led research project on the development of resilient smart cities. The research is rethinking Quebec’s...

Canadian Universities Form Coalition to Reduce Climate Risks in Investment Portfolios

A coalition of Canadian university endowments and pension plans is launching a new initiative through SHARE, a non-profit investor advocacy organization, to engage investee corporations...

New Carbon Budget Framework to Calculate Climate Deadlines

A professor from Concordia University has outlined a more comprehensive method of calculating how much carbon dioxide (CO2) Canada can emit and still meet...

Catherine Mulligan is New President of CSCE

Catherine Mulligan, a research chair in geoenvironmental sustainability at Montreal’s Concordia University, was recently named president of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (CSCE). Mulligan...