With one of the highest greenhouse gas emissions per capita in the world, many Canadians are looking for ways to live a greener lifestyle this year. That’s why national non-profit Tree Canada is launching its new Carbon Tracker app to help individuals track and reduce their carbon emissions.

“The Carbon Tracker app is an exciting opportunity for Canadians to take stock of their individual footprint and take meaningful actions to reduce it,” said Nicole Hurtubise, chief executive officer of Tree Canada. “Inspiring people to address climate change is at the heart of Tree Canada’s mission. From large-scale reforestation to urban forestry, and now with the help of this app, we are committed to fostering not just awareness, but an active community of supporters. This app serves as a daily companion, a guide, and a source of support for Canadians as they navigate ways to reduce their environmental footprint.”

The app’s functionality is simple and effective. After answering a short questionnaire, users receive tailored calculations and suggestions on where to start on their carbon reduction journey. They can input daily transportation habits, heating and cooling information, and log additional travel to visualize their impact in real-time, comparing it to the national average and other app users. Dynamic leaderboards infuse a sense of friendly competition, as users can create groups to challenge friends and co-workers to meet higher goals.

The Carbon Tracker app also gives users the opportunity to donate to Tree Canada by planting trees through its National Greening Program. The app calculates the number of trees required to compensate for their baseline emissions (e.g., from heating and cooling) and intermittent emissions (e.g., air travel).

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Recognizing the importance of community in fostering meaningful change, the app allows users to customize the information they receive based on their interests. Users can also connect with each other through a Community Hub to share successes, challenges, and insights.

Planting trees is a natural and effective climate solution, and Tree Canada hopes to inspire more Canadians to take action in the global fight against climate change. Building off the popularity of its online carbon calculator, Tree Canada partnered with Luta Sustainability Solutions – a Toronto-based technology company – to help individuals better understand the sources of their own carbon emissions in order to reduce their impact.

Download the free Carbon Tracker app here.

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