The First Nations Major Projects Coalition (FNMPC) has welcomed WSP as the newest member of its Sustaining Partner program in Canada. The program furthers FNMPC’s ability to advance relationships between its members and the private sector on issues of mutual interest.

WSP, along with existing program members, benefit from an exclusive relationship with FNMPC that is focused on advancing progressive Indigenous business initiatives between the partners and FNMPC members.

In working with these companies, FNMPC will further advance strategies that promote meaningful Indigenous inclusion in major developments and articulate Indigenous perspectives concerning ESG investment standards and sustainable business practices generally.

“WSP’s involvement in the Sustaining Partner program demonstrates their interest in helping to create pathways to reconciliation,” says Fort Nelson First Nation Chief Sharleen Gale, Chair of the FNMPC’s Board of Directors. “By working together with a select group of private sector companies, we know we can develop major projects that create long-lasting economic, social and environmental benefits for Indigenous communities across the country.”

As a Sustaining Partner, WSP will work with FNMPC to advance stronger business relationships with Indigenous communities.

“WSP is committed to establishing respectful relationships in support of major projects that respect the needs, traditions, and values of Indigenous communities across Canada,” says Marie-Claude Dumas, president and CEO of WSP in Canada. “Our involvement with the FNMPC’s Sustaining Partners program is the next step in continuing the reconciliation journey by respecting the need for collaboration at the earliest stages of project development.”

For further information on the program, contact Niilo Edwards, FNMPC’s Chief Executive Officer, at:

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To learn more about how WSP respectfully works with Indigenous communities across Canada, visit:


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