The Canadian Water Network (CWN) has appointed Katina Tam as a senior program advisor.

Through this role, Tam leads and implements various initiatives supporting the Municipal Consortium and other CWN programs. This includes developing high-quality curated content, like reports and case studies, that can be used by network participants to inform decision-making. She also proactively cultivates and nurtures positive relationships with individuals in the water and water-adjacent sectors.

Prior to joining CWN, Tam worked as an environmental program specialist at the City of Red Deer for eight years. In this role, she led the development of the city’s Water Conservation, Efficiency and Productivity Plan. Katina also led other initiatives related to water, stormwater/green infrastructure, wastewater and urban agriculture.

Our Team – Canadian Water Network

Katina Tam, senior program advisor at the Canadian Water Network. Credit: CWN.

Tam is a professional agrologist with a Bachelor of Science in global resource systems from the University of British Columbia and a Master of Science in integrated water resources management from McGill University.

Outside of work, Tam spends her time running, baking, soap-making and exploring local trails and parks with her family.

Canadian Water Network is a non-profit organization that helps decision-makers in the water sector address complex challenges. Its mission is to advance, accelerate and improve water management decisions in Canada. without advocating for a specific position. The organization was launched in 2001, following the deadly drinking water crisis in Walkerton, Ontario.

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