Scott Pearce, president of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM), announced today that its Green Municipal Fund (GMF) is revising its core funding to enhance its flexibility and adaptability and maximize its impact.

“In twenty years since its inception, FCM’s Green Municipal Fund has built a strong track record of supporting municipalities in transitioning to sustainable practices. Thanks to its now updated offer, the quality of life for Canadians will be further enhanced and the transformation to resilient, net-zero communities will be accelerated,” said Scott Pearce, president of FCM.

“Building and improving local sustainable practices requires substantial financial resources and we are glad that municipalities which have limited access to them can continue to receive relevant support through GMF, an endowment by the Government of Canada.”

The new funding streams, which are part of GMF’s $1.65 billion endowment from the Government of Canada and aim to support a wide range of low-carbon focused are as follows:

Sustainable Municipal Buildings – Funding for high-efficiency new construction of municipal and community buildings, and retrofits of municipal buildings.

Community Energy Systems – Support for the adoption of renewable energy solutions that meet community needs and are aligned with a net-zero future.

Municipal Fleet Electrification – Funding for the electrification of municipal and transit fleets to help municipalities achieve net-zero transportation emissions.

Organic Waste to Energy – Support for communities with established waste diversion programs to generate renewable energy from organic waste streams or landfill gas.

Local Net-Zero Transformation – Funding for innovative projects that have significant GHG reduction benefits and are not eligible under other GMF funding offers.

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Recognizing the unique challenges smaller, northern and Indigenous communities face, GMF is also providing more supportive grant options, such as first-time applicants receiving access to funding that can cover up to a 100 per cent of their plans, studies and pilot projects. With the launch of its refresh today, GMF aims at continuing to be the preferred resource and partner for Canadian municipalities that are advancing their transition to resilient net-zero communities.

“Municipalities have changing needs when tackling climate change, which means that they need to be provided with resources to overcome their specific challenges and to capitalize on opportunities. That’s exactly what the revised funding initiative of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ Green Municipal Fund is designed for,” said Alan DeSousa, chair of GMF Council.

“Various initiatives, such as constructing energy-efficient municipal infrastructures and implementing community-scale renewable energy systems, converting municipal fleets to electric vehicles and transforming organic waste into renewable energy will receive support. Together, we can create more resilient and vibrant communities.”

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