The 6th edition of the Global Green Destinations Days (GGDD) is taking place as a free conference on October 4th – 7th. 

The conference is the annual flagship event of Green Destinations to connect sustainability professionals, destinations, and tourism boards through good practices to support peer-to-peer learning and discover initiatives, practical tools, and solutions for sustainable tourism destinations. Whether you are a researcher, tourism professional, or just curious you’re able to visit the GGDD conference and join interactive live presentations, discussions, and workshops.

The recently awarded destinations from the Awards and Certification Program will be honoured in an interactive ceremony. And of course, the list of the Sustainable Top 100 Destinations of 2021, who have engaged to become more future-proof and submitted their Good Practice Stories on how to do that, will be unveiled.

Last year, a Western Canadian community received an award: Thompson, Okanagan, was recognized for its “Building Tourism Resiliency.”

According to representatives of Thompson: “Developing a sustainable tourism destination focuses on more than just the economic return and number of employment  opportunities…[it requires] broader success measures that consider the environment,  partnerships, social responsibility, and other factors.”

To join the Green Destinations conference, click here.

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