The Foundation for Environmental Stewardship (FES) and Climate Action Network – Réseau action climat Canada (CAN-Rac) have announced a new five-year collaboration.

The organizations will collaborate on joint project stewardship and execution, commencing with the Just Transition Project, a three-year initiative of the McConnell Foundation. The Just Transition Project seeks to drive comprehensive, socially responsible, climate responsive, whole-of-economy transition planning for Canada.

CAN-Rac brings to this collaboration its experienced convening power, policy development focus, and its ability to serve as a catalyst for a broad range of climate action initiatives across civil society. FES brings its commitment to youth engagement in sustainable development, making it one of Canada’s bright lights in the environmental charitable sector. This long-term commitment from CAN-Rac and FES will help to grow and sustain the capacity of both organizations to undertake more, and more ambitious projects that engage and serve the widest possible spectrum of Canadians.

“Our collaboration has already enabled the launch of the Just Transition Project, and it opens up a number of exciting future opportunities, as we bring together the best of what our two organizations have to offer,” said Catherine Abreu, executive director of CAN-Rac.

“To be able to team up with CAN-Rac is a great step forward for FES,” said Tim Ross, chairperson for FES. “We’re on the same page. Our capacities are complementary. And we all anticipate exciting new opportunities. There’s a lot of room for civic and youth engagement in focusing sustainable development policy.”

FES, a registered charity and member organization of CAN-Rac, has existed since 2016 to educate and increase the public’s awareness and understanding of the environment.

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CAN-Rac is a leading climate organization with an extensive policy work aimed at making Canada’s climate action more ambitious and accountable, and acting as catalysts of partnerships between environmental, research and labour groups.

Featured image from CAN-Rac.


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