Past Issues

Past Issues

Enviro News & Views is published by Environment Journal and delivered to inboxes across Canada every Tuesday. Here is a summary of our past editions:


Green Economy Surges
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The AYR Motor Centre in Woodstock, NB, is well on its way to increasing energy efficiency and decreasing carbon emissions after cutting energy emissions in half.


Net Zero Incentives
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The dream of having a net zero home is now within for reach for homeowners and prospective buyers, thanks to new initiatives across Canada.


Crisis Communication
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Increasingly extreme weather experiences mean it’s more important than ever to communicate clearly and proactively about climate science and climate action strategies.


Net Zero Transportation
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The first electric ferry in Canada demonstrates how it’s possible to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions from a busy airport ferry operation.


Green Streets
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Finding green infrastructure solutions in large cities, that can help to ensure municipalities maximize benefits and minimize their footprints.


Women’s Work
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How we can start empowering women to work in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) positions, and join the environmental sector.


Targeting Net Zero
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Targeting net zero with transformational transportation plan, zero waste municipal initiatives, First Nations climate action projects, and more.


Survey Says
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Survey results on environmental considerations for water asset renewal, national climate accountability law, net zero leaderboard for Canadian organizations, and more.


No Project Too Small
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A New Brunswick municipality accelerates the adoption of smart energy programs, natural infrastructure funds announced, Hydro-Québec adds solar power to company’s grid, and more.


McKenna Makes Big Moves
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Infrastructure Minister Catherine McKenna explains how she’s making moves toward a cleaner and greener Canada, assessment of carbon pricing, Indigenous Guardians initiatives, and more.


Sustainable Risk Management
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Sustainable risk management for net zero buildings, climate action highlights at G7 summit, greener homes grants for energy efficiency retrofits, and more.


Actioning Climate-Related Disclosure
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How to turn climate-related disclosures into action, national program to support smart grids and renewable energy projects, net zero carbon concrete partnership, and more.


Sustainable Design

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Largest carbon-neutral First Nations development in Canada, low carbon communities funds, Environment Week initiatives and highlights, circular economy stewardship, and more.


Carbon Pricing vs. Carbon Tax

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Carbon pricing versus carbon tax for effective emissions management, legislation to curb plastics pollution, clean energy storage project receives federal support, and more.


Net Zero for No Extra Cost

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Reimagining energy efficiency retrofits to get to net zero targets, smart energy district to fuel low carbon learning, Great Lakes plastics cleanup, sustainable governance, and more.


Low Carbon Countdown

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Examining strategies for federal net zero building policies, green investment funds with triple bottom line, environmental services and cleantech initiatives, and more.


Planet, People, Profit

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Contemplating the impacts of corporate sustainability, survey on meeting net zero targets, progress on coastal cleanups, sustainable tech commitments, and more.


Unpaving Paradise
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Green infrastructure policies for a resilient recovery, global net zero banking alliance spearheaded by Canadian economist, climate action governance, and more.