Past Editions

Past Editions

Enviro News & Views is published by Environment Journal and delivered to inboxes across Canada every week. Here is a summary of our past editions:

Clean Energy Contracting II: Managing Risks the Right Way
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Expert panel recommendations for managing risks on large renewable energy projects, event for remediation practitioners, and historic agreement for natural resources in Nunavut.


Clean Energy Contracting: Managing Risks the Right Way 
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Expert panel recommendations for managing risks on large renewable energy projects, GHD’s report on the hydrogen market, and circular pilot with Canadian grocers.

Building Net Zero: Lessons in Sustainability 
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Some schools are leading the way with sustainable construction, proposed amendments to PCB regulations, and federal investments for climate adaptation.

Market Watch: Renewable Energy on the Rise
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How Northland Power is advancing the energy transition at home and abroad, Export Development Canada provides $12 billion in support for cleantech, and industry acquisitions.


Policy POV: EBR and Project Proposals
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Environmental Bill of Rights and impacts to projects, controversy over the proposed plastics registry, green jobs report outlines actions needed to support sustainable economy.


Climate Action: What’s in store for 2024?
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Quebec-based GHGSat plans to track carbon emissions globally, Alberta launches new pilot projects for oil and gas site reclamation, and Ontario’s largest RNG plant reaches milestone.


Market Watch: Taking Carbon Out of the Equation
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Find out how Greenlane Renewables is decarbonizing the grid, a billion-dollar lithium ion battery facility, and funds for restoration projects in British Columbia.


Eco Evolution: Embracing Sustainable Design
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Eco-conscious community initiatives, historic deal launched at COP28, standards for nature-based solutions, and celebrating environmental excellence.


Policy POV: Reliable Clean Power
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Find out how new cleantech and business models are changing virtually every part of the power system as Canada gears up to decarbonize and meet net zero targets.


That’s a Wrap for the 2023 Brownie Awards!
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Congratulations to all the outstanding winners and to the fantastic finalists, and thanks to the generous sponsors, the dedicated jury and all our attendees. We had a blast!


Net Zero at NOVA: Discussing Decarbonization 
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Jennifer Woolfsmith, VP of Sustainability at NOVA Chemicals, on multi-billion-dollar investments to expand sustainability initiatives and pilot new cleantech.


Policy POV: Resolving the PFAS Problem
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For decades, PFAS chemicals have been used in many commercial, industrial, and household applications. So how do we solve this problem?


Brownie Awards 2023: Spotlight on the Finalists
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This year’s Brownie Awards finalists include a remarkable variety of projects and programs, from smaller-scale community initiatives to once-in-a-generation infrastructure developments.


Brownfielder of the Year: David Kurstin
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We are excited to announce the Brownie Awards 2023 Brownfielder of the Year: David Kusturin, Chief Project Officer at Waterfront Toronto! Learn more about his work in this issue.


Cleaning Up a Historic Wildfire Season
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The 2023 wildfire season has seen the most land mass burned in Canada since reliable record keeping began more than a half century ago. Find out exactly what’s entailed in the aftermath.


Brownie Awards 2023: Finalists Revealed
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The Brownie Awards provides a forum for recognizing and celebrating outstanding brownfield projects, people, and policies across Canada. Find out who made the cut this year!


Policy POV: Industrial Pollution Penalties
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One study has found many drivers find it cheaper to park illegally and pay parking tickets than to pay for parking in a parking lot. There may be a similar case in terms of paying pollution fines.


Strengthening Relations with Indigenous Peoples
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Pomerleau has completed about 30 construction projects in or in collaboration with Indigenous communities – read about the initiatives they’ve implemented to strengthen their relations.



Excess Soils Symposium: Circular Strategies
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Environment Journal’s Excess Soils Symposium was a sold-out success thanks to our engaged and enthusiastic excess soils community! Thank you to all who attended.


Market Watch: Cleantech for Air Emissions Abatement
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This month we’re putting the spotlight on Biorem Inc. (TSX: BRM), a leading Canadian cleantech provider with a reputation for providing reliable air abatement solutions worldwide.


How the Dow-Petromont Project Set New Standards
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In Montreal, Quebec, the Dow-Petromont rehabilitation project has revolutionized sustainable remediation and technological innovation.


Policy POV: Plastic Pollution Hotspots
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There are many information gaps that need to be addressed just as there are many kinds of plastic in many gazillions of applications. Learn how this is impacting our knowledge.


The Wainfleet Bog Project
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The NPCA recently joined World Bog Day celebrations to shine a spotlight on the importance of bogs and the unique ecological gem that it proudly takes care of – the Wainfleet Bog.


Closing the Loop: Foundations for a Circular Economy
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Find out what we learned from leading voices in the industry at this summer’s inaugural Circular Economy Summit.


Market Watch: Home Grown Hydrogen Production
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We’re putting the spotlight on Next Hydrogen Solutions Inc., an award-winning Ontario-based designer and manufacturer of electrolyzers for green hydrogen production.


Policy POV: How to Validate your Environmental Claims
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Whether you’re part of an organization, corporation, government body, or non-profit association, you should be aware of how to validate your environmental claims and avoid greenwashing.


Corporate Power Purchase Agreements on the Rise
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Corporate PPA volumes have shown steady year-over-year growth on a global basis. Here’s what you need to know.


Market Watch: Milestone Investment, Canadian Cleantech
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CHAR Technologies Ltd recently secured a $6.6 million strategic investment from ArcelorMittal S.A., a leading steel and mining company. Find out how.


Deciphering Effective Environmental Events
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Whether you are an individual, an organization, or a large corporation, it is crucial to assess the effectiveness of environmental events to drive meaningful change.


Contemplations from the Lake House
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Happy summer to our readers, an inspiring group of thought leaders, changemakers and practitioners who make Canada an environmentally exceptional place to live, work, play, and grow.


2023 Brownie Awards – Nominations
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The Brownie Awards have initiated the nomination process for 2023. The organizers are calling for a diverse variety of project leaders to submit entries.


More Sustainable Manufacturing, Made in Ontario
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We’re putting the spotlight on Nano One Materials Corp., which is listed on the TSX as NANO, and features facilities in British Columbia and Quebec.


Nominations Open for Brownie Awards 2023
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Step up and help us acknowledge an innovative or inspiring project or brownfield expert that should be recognized and celebrated.


Policy POV: Carbon Targets and Energy Plans
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It has never been more important to try to make sure the next round of investment is efficient and consistent. Find out how Canadians can help ensure a successful energy transition.


Unprecedented Impacts Are Disrupting the Energy Sector
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New research released by global professional services firm GHD reveals the 3-year energy crisis has severely depleted capital flows into energy projects.


Going Green at Gunnar Mine and Mill
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Remediation efforts at the former Gunnar Mine and Mill Site has reached a new milestone – see why this project provides a valuable example for similarly complex site cleanups.


Market Watch: The Electrification Supply Chain Gap
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This month, we’re putting the spotlight on Li-Cycle Holdings Corp, which was founded in 2016 to bridge the gap in the lithium-ion battery supply chain and the future of global electrification.


Contemplating Lithium-Ion Battery-Powered Solutions
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In this edition of disarming the disinformation, learn about false assumptions often made in regards to carbon emissions and Lithium-Ion battery production for EVs.


Barriers to Effectively Resolving Environmental Risks
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This feature outlines issues regarding PBTS, and provides strategic steps which governments might take to address the barriers to environmentally cleaner products and packaging.


New Tax Credits for Cleantech
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Learn how we are addressing the impact of climate change and global warming in the digital world in a new report outlining concerns, expectations and technology actions.


The Transformation of North Maple Regional Park
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The story behind the transformative redevelopment of North Maple Regional Park can be used as a guide for other municipalities – read the full story here.


Finding Energy Solutions or Burning Our Future?
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The first edition of our “Disarming the Disinformation” series asks readers to contemplate the sustainability of energy production from biomass.


The Big-Ticket Green Budget
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The concept of a green economy has been around for decades, but this may be the first time we’ve been promised that green initiatives would be the lead items in a federal budget.


PFAS in Canadian Provinces
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Progress on setting guidelines, regulations, and standards for specific PFAS has been slow in Canada – here’s why we think they’re needed.


Putting Municipalities on the Path to Net Zero
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Making progress on climate goals in a country as geographically diverse and large as Canada was always going to be a challenge. Find out how the 2030 Emissions Reduction Plan can help.


Market Watch: Renewable Energy on the Rise
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In this issue, learn more about TransAlta’s deep history in Canada and the company’s plans for further developing clean energy projects.


Why Canada Struggles to Meet Emission Reduction Targets
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A recent report from the International Energy Agency helps clarify why Canada is having such a difficult time meeting its GHG emissions reduction targets.


Powerful Partnership – A Historic Biomass Agreement
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Conseil des Atikamekw d’Opitciwan, Hydro-Québec, and Société en commandite Onimiskiw Opitciwan forged a historic agreement to build a forest biomass cogeneration plant to supply Opitciwan.


Environmental Considerations to Save Time and Money
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Find out more about the critical issues to contemplate when considering buying or leasing land for new infrastructure or services.


Launching Our New Column: Market Watch
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We’re excited for the launch of Market Watch on the EnvironmentJournal platform, to put the spotlight on the rising value of Canadian Cleantech. Stay tuned for more!


4 Steps to Improve Climate Policy in the Workplace
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North American climate-related risk management rules are taking shape sooner than later – here are four steps that business leaders can take to improve their climate policies today.


UN Biodiversity Conference Plan to Protect Nature
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COP15 brought close to 200 nations together to create a concrete plan to protect and restore nature. Together, we can work to protect our natural ecosystems and our country’s way of life.


Tech for a Climate-Impact Environment
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Learn how we are addressing the impact of climate change and global warming in the digital world in a new report outlining concerns, expectations and technology actions.


Trucking Right Along: A Unique Remediation Solution
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Learn how, with First Nations leadership and industry partnership, the Pikangikum First Nation community successfully addressed a large-scale remediation project.


Investing in CleanTech in 2023
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Find out how developing goods, services, and processes to increase energy efficiency and reduce the world’s carbon footprint on the planet is becoming big business.


A New Era in Regulation and Resource Recovery
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While most excess soil can be reused safely, it can also carry contaminants – make sure you stay in compliance and maximize resource recovery in the new year.


2022 Excess Soils Symposium
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Today’s Excess Soils Symposium provides updates on the business of excess soils and regulations impacting construction and cleanup projects. Stay tuned for coverage of the highlights!



Climate Action Abroad with Young Diplomats of Canada
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Six representatives for the Young Diplomats of Canada engaged on International finance and climate action abroad, at the annual meeting of the WBG and IMF.


Advancing Indigenous-Led Clean Energy at COP27
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Read bout how the national non-profit ICE highlighted Indigenous and community-led renewable energy projects as the future of climate action during COP27.


The Champions in Canadian Brownfield Redevelopment
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We’re pleased to announce the winners of the 2022 Brownie Awards! Read all about the winners and event highlights here.


Brownie Awards 2022: Visionaries and Innovators
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The Brownie Awards are less than a week away! In the meantime, take a tour of the incredible projects that qualified as finalists in one of the most competitive years to date.


Stronger Clean Energy Policy Needed to Meet Targets
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As Canada sets out to reach net zero GHG emissions by 2050, we spoke with industry experts to learn how clean energy projects are transforming the grid and what we need to reach net zero.


A New Green Asset Class on the Horizon
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In this feature, read all about natural assets and natural capital, and why they have been gaining interest in recent years as a way to assign a monetary value to our natural habitat.


Indigenous Energy Initiatives
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Find out how Sitansisk (St. Mary’s First Nation) is developing a comprehensive and culturally cooperative community energy plan with the help of key partners.


Meet the Finalists for the 2022 Brownie Awards
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We’re pleased to reveal the remarkable finalists for the 2022 Brownie Awards! In this issue, learn more about these incredible people and projects.


Head to the Polls to Pipe Up on Environmental Priorities
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This Fall, municipal elections are being held in the provinces of BC, Manitoba, Ontario, and PEI. This is a critical window for action on the climate crisis – make your voice heard!


Excess Soil Laws for the Construction Industry
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Be Prepared: The currently suspended notice-filing and related requirements under the Excess Soil Regulation will come into legal force and effect starting on January 1, 2023.

Insights into Sustainable City Building
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Find out how Vaughan keeps sustainability at the heart of all city-building efforts, with a green focus woven into future investments, planning standards, and much more.


New Rules for Recycling and Composting Plastic
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In this edition, learn how moving toward a more circular economy for plastics in Canada could reduce carbon emissions by 1.8 megatonnes annually.


How Canadians can Go Greener
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ESG strategies for e-waste are expanding to include more than just tech companies – find available resources to help recycle your e-waste and recover valuable materials.


Passionate Perspectives on Climate Change 
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In this issue, we discuss why we need to give future generations hope and an opportunity to participate in critical discussions on climate change.


The Greater Benefits of Greening Cities
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Research from Carleton University’s Professor John Zelenski makes the case for healthier environments, and how they result in happier, more positive and productive Canadians.


How Conservation Can Help Canadian Lakes
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Changes in climate, combined with land pressures and agricultural drainage, are having a big impact on aquatic wildlife. Ducks Unlimited Canada shares what can be done to help.


The Cost of Plastic Pollution
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In this feature, we speak to policy expert Colin Isaacs to help highlight some strategic ways to tackle the plastics problem once and for all.


Youth Climate Angst, Misinformation, and Mental Health
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Press Start’s 2022 CoLab asked Canadian youth what the most pressing social issues they face are. The answers: climate change grief, misinformation, and youth mental health.


Burntfields: New Land Designations to Build Resilience
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Learn about the unique phenomenon that has resulted in areas and properties receiving a new land designation called “Burntfields.”.


Managing Excess Soil During “the Pause”
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Infrastructure owners shouldn’t wait to consider the excess soil regulation in their design. Learn how factoring in the regulation at the planning stage can save time and costs.


The Controversy Over Compostable Plastics
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This issue explores why compostable plastic packaging systems are available, but are having some difficulty winning market access.


Adapting to New Policies on the Horizon of Excess Soils
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New regulations regarding the handling of excess soils are on the way – get the dirt on how the new policies could impact your business.


New Brunswick Municipalities Fighting Climate Change
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Several NB municipalities have achieved key milestones in implementing and monitoring GHG reductions. Find out how they are making mighty steps forward for climate action.


Industry Innovation: Environmental Report Writing
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Learn more about our May 19th EnviroExchange discussion on the process and importance of environmental report writing, and watch the replay.


Nominations Open for Brownie Awards 2022
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Do you know of an award-worthy brownfield project or brownfielder? Help us acknowledge an inspiring project or brownfield expert that deserves recognition.


Contaminated Sites and GHG Offset
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According to the Federal Contaminated Sites Inventory there are more than 23,000 sites in various conditions. In this issue, we explore best practices for cleaning contaminated sites.


How Legal Experts Contemplate The Toughest Cases
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Ever wonder how an environmental case is forged and defended in a court of law? Get exclusive insight into the process in this issue.


Energy Efficiency with PACE Program Model
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In this feature, learn more about how PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) and its President, Julian Boyle, are helping municipalities finance energy retrofits.


Bilateral Agreement to Stop Wildfires
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This issue explores how countries can and should diplomatically address activities that cause significant transboundary pollution.


A New Dawn: Energy Retrofits
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Putting the spotlight on how organizations like EOS Eco-Energy Inc. are working to build better energy systems for a cleaner, safer future.


Examining ESG
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ESG, a series of criteria used for risk assessments, is everywhere – learn how to make the right decision when choosing an ESG advisor.


Net Zero Transition
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Our latest feature discusses the process of transiting to net zero in regards to passenger transportation, and the expectations put on Canadian consumers.


Tidal Wave of Green Swans
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This issue looks at how “Green Swans” are becoming more frequent due to warming temperatures and their dire effects on the environment and infrastructure.


Divides and Dividends
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Find out how much progress Canadian corporate leaders are making towards sustainable business.


The Era of Innovation
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Explore the many reasons why conserving our forests must be considered in tandem with other practices.


Pathway to 2030
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In this edition we delve into the 2030 Emissions Reduction Plan: Canada’s Next Steps to Clean Air and a Strong Economy, released on March 29.


Powering Sustainable Partnerships
Read More

Learn more about the Energy Efficiency Project, a partnership between Efficiency Nova Scotia and the province’s 13 Mi’kmaq communities.


Smooth Sailing for Sustainable Solutions
Read More

This issue looks at the Alutasi, the first watercraft in its class in Canada to be powered primarily with lithium-ion batteries.


Catch a Carbon-Negative Ride
Read More

Uncover why transit will and should play an essential role in our strive to zero-emission as we rally to fight the climate crisis.



Good Intentions or Greenwashing?
Read More

NewClimate research presents a critique of corporate initiatives as well as a set of guidance and assessment criteria for good practice in corporate emission reduction and net-zero targets.



Decarbonizing Canada
Read More

This edition covers the conversation at the EnviroExchange webinar which provided perspectives into international strategies, national developments, and emerging initiatives.


Lessons in ESG
Read More

This issue explores why asset managers should be looking forensically at how much real ESG education and training board directors and senior executives actually have.


Dodging the Peak
Read More

This edition delves into how Saint John’s advanced smart grid expertly manages peak demand and seamlessly integrates renewable energy.


A New Age for Energy
Read More

Learn about the four emerging trends that must be prioritized in order to expedite an environmentally friendly future and enter a new age for energy.


Making Meaningful Progress
Read More

Explore how Canadians can support change and accelerate the recruitment of Indigenous Peoples in the green workforce.


The Decarbonization of Canada
Read More

This edition provides an overview of the panel for the EnviroExchange discussion on February 8, 2022.


Large clean infrastructure projects in Canada
Read More

Learn more about the top three infrastructure projects in Canada from the 2022 Top100 Projects report.


Weathering the Storm
Read More

Leering shares his expert insight on the important role standards and codes continue to play in helping to ensure the safety and sustainability of Canadians.


Transportation Revolution
Read More

Find out why an increasing number of riders are considering making the switch to electric.


Accelerating the Low-Carbon Economy
Read More

This edition explores how we can radically collaborate to make the right choices to mobilize global markets and accelerate the establishment of a sustainable, low-carbon economy.


Excess Soils Symposium 2021: Recap
Read More

Learn more about the incredible keynote presentation, the powerhouse panels, and the interesting highlights.


Excess Soils Symposium 2021
Read More

The Excess Soils Symposium 2021 provided an interactive platform for a virtual update on the business of excess soils and new regulations impacting construction and cleanup projects.


Brownie Awards 2021 Champions
Read More

Discover the 2021 award winners that were revealed at The Brownie Awards Gala on November 23, 2021 in Toronto.


Brownie Awards 2021 Finalists
Read More

The Brownie Awards provide annual recognition and celebration of brownfield projects, people, and policies across the country. Here’s a look at the 2021 finalists.


Creative Strategies for Cutting Carbon
Read More

Learn how the residents of Perth-Andover, NB enjoy remarkably small carbon footprints and are commanding lead in regional efforts to tackle climate change.


Environmental Cleanup: Community Engagement
Read More

Find out the many ways an environmental contractor can engage with the communities that they work within.


Environmental Cleanup: Experience is Key
Read More

This article delves deep into what qualities should be looked at when selecting an environmental contractor.


Environmental Cleanup: Where to Start
Read More

Learn about the different approaches to environmental remediation and how to know where to start.


Electric Vehicles
Read More

A program in the Maritimes aims to inform consumers about the modern electric vehicle.


Measuring Climate Metrics
Read More

Learn where climate metrics and targets can play a critical role for all businesses.


Embodied Emissions
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Find out how the production of materials for the built environment can find ways to reduce its carbon footprint.


Building Resilience
Read More

This edition explores the growing interest in using green roofs to manage stormwater in urban centres.


Restore and Regenerate
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Find out what Canadian organizations can do to bump up restorative and regenerative efforts in a meaningful way.


Campaign Climate Action Strategies 
Read More

An overview of the key climate strategies of the main federal parties and informed perspective from Canadian climate action experts.


Green Economy Surges
Read More

The AYR Motor Centre in Woodstock, NB, is well on its way to increasing energy efficiency and decreasing carbon emissions after cutting energy emissions in half.


Net Zero Incentives
Read More

The dream of having a net zero home is now within for reach for homeowners and prospective buyers, thanks to new initiatives across Canada.


Crisis Communication
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Increasingly extreme weather experiences mean it’s more important than ever to communicate clearly and proactively about climate science and climate action strategies.


Net Zero Transportation
Read More

The first electric ferry in Canada demonstrates how it’s possible to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions from a busy airport ferry operation.


Green Streets
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Finding green infrastructure solutions in large cities, that can help to ensure municipalities maximize benefits and minimize their footprints.


Women’s Work
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How we can start empowering women to work in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) positions, and join the environmental sector.


Targeting Net Zero
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Targeting net zero with transformational transportation plan, zero waste municipal initiatives, First Nations climate action projects, and more.


Survey Says
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Survey results on environmental considerations for water asset renewal, national climate accountability law, net zero leaderboard for Canadian organizations, and more.


No Project Too Small
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A New Brunswick municipality accelerates the adoption of smart energy programs, natural infrastructure funds announced, Hydro-Québec adds solar power to company’s grid, and more.


McKenna Makes Big Moves
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Infrastructure Minister Catherine McKenna explains how she’s making moves toward a cleaner and greener Canada, assessment of carbon pricing, Indigenous Guardians initiatives, and more.


Sustainable Risk Management
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Sustainable risk management for net zero buildings, climate action highlights at G7 summit, greener homes grants for energy efficiency retrofits, and more.


Actioning Climate-Related Disclosure
Read More

How to turn climate-related disclosures into action, national program to support smart grids and renewable energy projects, net zero carbon concrete partnership, and more.


Sustainable Design

Read More

Largest carbon-neutral First Nations development in Canada, low carbon communities funds, Environment Week initiatives and highlights, circular economy stewardship, and more.


Carbon Pricing vs. Carbon Tax

Read More

Carbon pricing versus carbon tax for effective emissions management, legislation to curb plastics pollution, clean energy storage project receives federal support, and more.


Net Zero for No Extra Cost

Read More

Reimagining energy efficiency retrofits to get to net zero targets, smart energy district to fuel low carbon learning, Great Lakes plastics cleanup, sustainable governance, and more.


Low Carbon Countdown

Read More

Examining strategies for federal net zero building policies, green investment funds with triple bottom line, environmental services and cleantech initiatives, and more.


Planet, People, Profit

Read More

Contemplating the impacts of corporate sustainability, survey on meeting net zero targets, progress on coastal cleanups, sustainable tech commitments, and more.


Unpaving Paradise
Read More

Green infrastructure policies for a resilient recovery, global net zero banking alliance spearheaded by Canadian economist, climate action governance, and more.