To promote the use of low-carbon energy, the installation of oil heating appliances is now prohibited in new residential buildings in Quebec. Starting December 31, 2023, it will also be prohibited to install this type of appliance in existing residential buildings and carry out major repairs on existing appliances.

The Construction Code, which governs building design standards, also plays a key role in the rapid development of greener buildings. From the design stage, the code enables buildings to meet the most stringent energy efficiency and sustainability standards. Low-carbon materials such as wood can also be preferred in new buildings.

To facilitate this transition and the installation of clean, sustainable heating systems, residential building owners can obtain government funding through programs such Chauffez vert Rénoclimat Novoclimat , and Hydro-Québec  financial assistance, while Écoperformance  provides similar support in the commercial and institutional sectors.

Twenty-four companies from the Quebec Business Council on the Environment (CPEQ), including building managers, construction firms, engineering firms and electrical suppliers, have recently published a Manifesto on decarbonization of buildings in Quebec. The recommendations aim to reduce costs and minimize environmental impacts.

For further information on retrofit funding programs and building decarbonization strategies in Quebec, visit:

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