Developed by the Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium (EMC) in collaboration with Next Generation Manufacturing Canada (NGen), a new report presents insights gleaned from extensive industry engagement and in-depth analysis.

The 2024 Green Manufacturing and Clean Technology Adoption Report highlights the challenges facing the Canadian manufacturing sector and their supply chain in pursuing a sustainable future and the legislated Net Zero by 2050. At the forefront of this transformative initiative is the urgent need for manufacturers to better understand and address climate change and reduce carbon emissions. The report underscores the pivotal role of Canada’s manufacturing sector in achieving these ambitious goals, emphasizing the imperative for green manufacturing practices and the integration of clean technologies (cleantech).

Key highlights from the survey data and detailed report analysis include:

  • Approach to Sustainability: The transition towards Net Zero and a low carbon production ecosystem requires a holistic approach, encompassing People, Plant, and Processes. The report outlines strategies and solutions needed to enhance green manufacturing capabilities and underscores the importance of a skilled workforce and cutting-edge clean technologies.
  • Industry Pulse Survey Insights: Through an Industry Pulse Survey, senior manufacturing leaders across diverse roles have provided valuable feedback, shedding light on key challenges, priorities, and opportunities for growth. The report synthesizes these insights, offering actionable recommendations to propel the sector towards a low carbon economy. Highlighted challenges for green manufacturing and cleantech adoption, include the high cost of technology adoption and the lack of internal skills and capabilities needed to effectively implement. In addition, participating manufacturers ranked their overall capabilities and preparedness for meeting Net Zero – fairly low.
  • Path Forward: Additional solutions and support are essential for industry – especially small and medium-sized manufacturers (SMEs). Building on these, EMC is committed to offering a series of resources and initiatives throughout 2024, including briefings, workshops, roundtable consultations, and certification training. These initiatives aim to empower manufacturers with the knowledge and resources needed to navigate the transition towards sustainability effectively.
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“To achieve ‘Net Zero by 2050’ Canadian manufacturers face several challenges, especially SMEs,” said Jean-Pierre (JP) Giroux, president of EMC. “Transitioning to a low-carbon production ecosystem – while at the same time increasing their capacity, quality and speed to market all requires investment in People, Plant and Process. Unfortunately, the feedback indicates high costs and lack of internal skills and technical capabilities necessary are significant barriers. As an industry-driven effort, EMC is working with our manufacturers to address these capability needs and to connect industry with the resources needed to adopt Green Manufacturing and CleanTech.”

EMC Green Manufacturing and Clean Technology Adoption Report - EMC Canada

Building on EMC’s extensive Energy and Green Manufacturing Consortium and spanning over two decades of experience in energy management and sustainability, one such initiative is EMC’s GreenMFG Network, providing Canadian manufacturers, sector stakeholders, technology and solution providers, community and government partners with a unique forum for accelerating the transition to a low-carbon economy. The network a targeted national initiative designed to prepare Canada’s manufacturing sector, particularly SMEs, for a more rapid transition to a green, low-carbon economy while achieving measurable progress towards Net Zero.

By enabling access to expertise, tools and resources needed to transition to a green and low-carbon production ecosystem, there should be measurable increases in productivity and competitiveness. EMC is estimating that participating SMEs will identify significant opportunities to reduce related operational costs, GHG emissions reductions, energy efficiencies and management, translating to millions of dollars in annual savings for the entire sector.

The 2024 Green Manufacturing and Clean Technology Adoption Report is now available for download here.

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