Jean Paquin, technical advisor and former vice-president of technology at ALTRA | SANEXEN was awarded the Member of the Year Distinction Award yesterday by Réseau Environnement in Montreal, Que.

This prestigious award is presented to a professional in recognition of his or her contribution and career-long dedication to an environmental cause. Réseau Environnement recognized Paquin’s exceptional contribution to the environment and his achievements.

“I wish to thank Réseau Environnement for this award. It’s a great honour,” said Paquin. “The work we do is often complex, but extremely rewarding. The evolution of major environmental issues in Quebec has always been at the heart of our team’s concerns. We have made it our duty to put our expertise and experience in the field to work for the benefit of our customers and communities.”

Jean Paquin receives the Member of the Year Distinction Award from Réseau  Environnement

Paquin began his career as SANEXEN’s technical manager and research and development manager, and became vice-president of technology in 1991. Semi-retired in 2023, he now continues to act as a technical advisor. A very active member of Réseau Environnement for over 10 years, Paquin has presented at several conferences and produced technical publications of environmental interest. He is also a valued member of the Environment Journal Advisory Board.

“Over the course of his impressive 40-year career, Jean has contributed to more than a hundred major projects involving complex and innovative environmental rehabilitation methods and has been at the heart of many cutting-edge technological developments,” added Jean-François Bolduc, president of ALTRA | SANEXEN. “His contributions to the environment and the scope of his career are remarkable. His expertise, creativity and dedication have greatly enriched Quebec’s overall environmental know-how.”

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The award was presented at the Distinctions Ceremony held on April 17 in Lévis, on the occasion of the 15th edition of the Salon des technologies environnementales du Québec.

Réseau Environnement has been awarding the Distinctions prizes since 2000, to honor members in various fields of expertise and recognize Quebec environmental excellence and know-how, by highlighting the dedication and work of its members.

Featured image credit: ALTRA l SANEXEN and Réseau Environnement 


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