BPA, a Montreal-based engineering firm specializing in institutional, commercial, multi-residential and industrial buildings, and The Mitchell Partnership (TMP), a consulting engineering firm with a 60-year history and strong reputation in Toronto, Ontario, announced today that they are joining forces.

The strategic partnership brings together TMP’s mechanical engineering excellence with BPA’s expertise in mechanical, electrical, structural engineering, and energy modeling, solidifying BPA’s position as the preeminent building engineering firm in the country. This collaboration not only amplifies their collective capabilities but also establishes BPA as the foremost industry player in both Toronto and Montreal.

“This acquisition is aligned with our strategic objective of being the foremost authority in building engineering nationwide and to strive toward our mission of building a sustainable future. With the complementarity of TMP and BPA’s services and with our aligned vision, we are very excited about our future”, says Patrick St–Onge, Executive Vice-President at BPA.

“Joining forces with TMP not only strengthens our foothold in commercial, multiuse, and office building sectors, but also introduces Toronto to BPA’s rich expertise, notably in the healthcare sector. This partnership empowers us to engage in additional major projects. Ultimately, it solidifies our position as Canada’s leader in building engineering, ensuring a significant, positive impact on both Canada’s built environment and communities,” says Dominic Latour, CEO of BPA.

Dermot Barry, TMP Partner | James Hannaford, TMP Partner | Tony Dingman, TMP Partner | Dominic Latour, BPA CEO | Reg Callaghan, TMP Partner |Patrick St-Onge, BPA Executive Vice-President | Steve Orchard, TMP Partner | Mitch Kooistra, TMP Partner | James McEwen, TMP Partner (CNW Group/Bouthillette Parizeau (BPA)

BPA and TMP share values of excellence, local proximity, client-focused approach, and a commitment to sustainability. Together, they are confident they have the foundation for a partnership that goes beyond mere collaboration—a shared commitment to delivering exceptional value and fostering long-term success.

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“As a unified firm, we can bolster our capacity to pursue and excel in larger-scale projects, amplify opportunities in critical sectors, particularly those requiring substantial volume and intensity, and enhance our responsiveness to clients operating across multiple cities, including national accounts and P3 projects. As a collective, we become more competitive”, explains Tony Dingman, partner at TMP.

All leaders from TMP will continue to play integral roles within the combined entity, ensuring a seamless integration. All employees will also remain employed with BPA. Details of the transaction are confidential.


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