Algoma Orchards, one of Canada’s leaders in apple farming, packing, and juice bottling, has awarded a contract to CharTech Solutions, an operating group of CHAR Technologies, to provide ongoing engineering expertise and operational and maintenance services for an innovative closed-loop water system that continuously converts wastewater into clean, potable water for reuse on site.

The unique “cleantech as a service” contract also eliminates the trucking and disposal of water by maximizing efficiencies, increasing capacity, and reducing GHG emissions. These strategic efficiencies and reductions are expected to result in approximately $200,000 of annual savings for the orchard operation located in Newcastle, Ontario.

“Our partnership with CharTech Solutions to design and install a fully automated closed loop water recycling system has been a big success,” said Kirk Kemp, president of Algoma Orchards.“We’re proud to be an industry leader by implementing solutions that increases our capacity and reduces our environmental footprint.”

CharTech Solutions initially worked with Algoma to install a wastewater treatment system 10 years ago, and recently updated the closed-loop, turnkey technology package.

The CharTech Solutions closed loop wastewater treatment system at Algoma Orchards.

“We are proud to have implemented our innovative cleantech-as-a-service model with our long-standing client and partner, Algoma Orchards,” said Andrew White, CEO of CHAR Technologies. “We are confident that this project will clearly demonstrate the benefits that can be achieved through this model by both reducing capex and reducing operational burdens for our clients.”

CharTech Solutions develops and delivers innovative environmental technology solutions to eliminate water pollution and convert challenging waste streams into renewable and valuable outputs, helping clients embrace the circular economy.

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Featured image: Kirk Kemp, president of Algoma Orchards.


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