Searching for some answers in the environment space? Look no further. The team at Actual Media Inc., in collaboration with our colleagues at Grey House Publishing, is proud to present the 26th edition of the Canadian Environmental Resource Guide (CERG). This is the most complete national listing of environmental organizations, federal and provincial agencies, municipal governments, industry associations, and law firms, including more than 200 pages of industry statistics and events — as well as a robust and regularly updated digital edition.

Actual Media is a leading source of industry information, event support, and agency services in the environment, water, infrastructure, waste, and recycling industries across the country. CERG is part of our environmental content platform — — which connects our community and informs the premier industry events that we produce and facilitate.

These events include: the award-winning EnviroExchange webinar series, which shines a spotlight on the most important environmental issues and features a diverse range of leading industry experts; the Brownie Awards, which recognizes outstanding contaminated sites remediation and redevelopment across the country; the Excess Soils Symposium, which provides a national overview of regulations and best practices for excess soils from construction and cleanup projects; and, a variety of other influential events that amplify important issues and leverage the voices of our partners.

Recent readership analytics indicate that our visitors are keen to learn about topics such as cleantech that supports more sustainable manufacturing methods, innovative techniques for managing cleanup projects, and decarbonization strategies through a growing number of clean energy projects.

Canadian Environmental Update

With wildfires now burning in record numbers all year long, and with 2030 fast approaching, the race is on for the public and private sectors to meet environmental targets and get to Net Zero.

When it comes to reporting on our progress, including complicated metrics and scientific concepts, having the right information makes all the difference. The sky is always falling on social media and what you see isn’t always what you get, so publications such as CERG play a critical role in providing a reliable assortment of credible, vetted resources.

The way in which this information is communicated also makes a difference. The perils of misinformation and miscommunication are illustrated all around us and the stakes are high. Take for instance the passionate assortment of narratives when it comes to controversial discussions such as carbon pricing. Some are calling to “axe the tax”, some are satisfied with carbon rebates, while others point to the contributions that continue to support the fossil fuel industry. No matter which perspective resonates most with a particular reader, we all know decarbonization must happen one way or the other.

How do we find our way out of the proverbial rabbit hole?

CERG is a great place to start. Whether you’re a student doing research, a municipal manager responsible for infrastructure decisions, a project manager at a growing number of companies focused on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategies, or an environmental steward anywhere, this is a powerful periodical that has been carefully curated to support a successful search experience.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the team at Grey House Publishing for working with us to ensure this comprehensive guide reaches everyone who needs it.

If you have any feedback on what is contained within the guide or would like to learn more about what Actual Media’s role is in the environmental industry, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

To order CERG online or in print, or to access a free trial, click here

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