The Nova Scotia government is investing $37.3 million from the Green Fund in projects that support the goals of the Environmental Goals and Climate Change Reduction Act and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

This includes $15 million over three years for the Sustainable Communities Challenge Fund, which will support communities to adapt to the impacts of climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. A request for proposals (RFP) to develop and administer the fund was issued on January 17.

“Climate change impacts every Nova Scotian in every community across this province,” said Nova Scotia’s Environment and Climate Change Minister Tim Halman. “To achieve our targets, we need to support the type of transformative change required to adapt to a rapidly changing climate.”

Nova Scotia Legislature - MLA Profile

Nova Scotia’s Environment and Climate Change Minister Tim Halman.

Other projects include:

  • $8 million for the SolarHomes incentive program for single-family homes to install solar photovoltaic systems
  • $8 million to extend for one year the Home Energy Assessment program, which provides low-cost subsidized energy assessments for people using oil heating and incentives of up to $5,000 to energy efficiency retrofits
  • $3.3 million over three years to support the implementation of climate change initiatives by the Department of Environment and Climate Change
  • $2 million for affordable housing retrofits to upgrade one- and two-unit housing units in Cape Breton; the Department of Municipal Affairs and Housing is also contributing $2 million for a total of $4 million
  • $1 million for flood line mapping to provide communities with coastal and inland floodplain maps that incorporate climate change.
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“The climate crisis is impacting all Nova Scotians and it’s clear that we need to act urgently. Nova Scotians have embraced solar technology and we’ve provided rebates on nearly 5,000 systems,” said Stephen MacDonald, president and CEO of EfficiencyOne, the non-profit operator of Efficiency Nova Scotia.Continued investments in energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emission reduction will allow us to focus our efforts in areas that will have the greatest impact on the environment and the economy, and respond to the needs of Nova Scotians.

The objective of the Sustainable Communities Challenge Fund is to help reach GHG emission targets in 2030 and 2050 and improve the province’s capacity to adapt to climate change. The Green Fund is revenue collected under the province’s cap and trade program.

To access the RFP for the Sustainable Communities Challenge Fund, visit:

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