Greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector account for one-quarter of Canada’s overall emissions. With this in mind, the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources has launched a call for project applications for Stream 2 of the Green Freight Program. This stream will provide support for innovative actions including engine repowering, switching to cleaner fuels, and fleet transportation improvements.

Selected projects will support data-driven investment decisions when considering energy-efficient improvements for their medium- and heavy-duty vehicles across fleets. This call builds on the progress of Stream 1 of the Green Freight Program, which supports investments in fleet-wide energy assessments and retrofits, including for truck and trailer equipment. This stream continues to accept applications.

Through the Green Freight Program and similar initiatives, the federal government is helping businesses save money, reduce pollution and decarbonize fleets today, while building a prosperous net-zero economy for generations to come.

“Canadian businesses are adopting innovative and efficient technologies to help drive down costs and pollution at the same time,” said Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources. “In the transportation sector, which accounts for one-quarter of Canada’s emissions, the Government of Canada is continuing to help businesses reduce their emissions — including through the Green Freight Program.”

The $200-million Green Freight Program helps fleets reduce their fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions through fleet energy assessments, fleet retrofits, engine repowers and fuel switching. This program is complemented with Transport Canada’s Incentive for Medium- and Heavy-Duty Zero-Emission Vehicles (iMHZEV) Program, which is helping businesses and communities across the country make the switch to zero-emission vehicles. The Government of Canada is working to ensure that 100 percent of medium- and heavy-duty vehicles sold in Canada will be ZEV by 2040.

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“The future of our roads is a greener, cleaner transport sector. Medium- and heavy-duty vehicles are a key contributor to pollution in Canada,” said Minister of Transport Pablo Rodriguez. “The Green Freight Program is one of our many actions toward reducing pollution on our roads and building a cleaner transportation system that benefits all Canadians.”

The application window for this funding round of the Green Freight Program will remain open until November 16, 2023.

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