The Manitoba government has launched a comprehensive review of its waste management and recycling program, including a public survey.

“We are excited at the possibilities this review will explore as we continue to look for options to improve waste diversion and recycling in Manitoba,” Conservation and Climate Minister Sarah Guillemard. “The intent is to improve programming and reduce the amount of waste heading to landfills.”

The existing approach to recycling and waste diversion has been in place for over a decade. According to the minister, with recent innovations and advancements in technology, this is an opportune time to reflect on current practices and to explore opportunities for strengthening waste management systems in order to divert even more waste from landfills.

The products entering the marketplace and the technologies available to manage current and emerging waste streams are constantly evolving, and Manitoba’s approach to recycling and waste diversion needs to keep pace with this change.

The review will support a mandate to modernize the regulatory and programming frameworks for waste diversion and recycling and to drive innovation with the private sector and municipalities in Manitoba.

The review will include:

  • a policy landscape and best practice scan;
  • a regulatory review of the Waste Reduction and Prevention Act;
  • an evaluation of Manitoba stewardship programs and the waste reduction and recycling support levy; and
  • a stakeholder and public engagement to inform recommendations.

Manitoba has 12 industry-funded stewardship programs that provide recycling and safe disposal options for everyday products such as paper and packaging, batteries, tires and electronic waste, among others. An important part of the review will be to engage with and learn from the public, industry, municipalities and other waste management stakeholders.

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A public survey has been launched and stakeholder workshops will be held to collect feedback and gain insights on how to improve the regulatory and programming frameworks for waste diversion and recycling in Manitoba.

The public survey is available at and will be open to public input until February 10.


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