Sanexen Environmental Services Inc., a subsidiary of Logistic Corporation, has been awarded the 2022 Circular Initiatives Award in the medium to large corporation category by the organization Québec Circulaire.

With its unique facility, where its team of experts transforms construction, renovation and demolition (C&D) fines into value-added products, Sanexen has once again taken a step forward as an environmental leader in innovative solutions.

“The transition to a circular economy in Quebec, as elsewhere in the world, requires the involvement and collaboration of all the major players in our society. At Sanexen, our teams are passionate about innovation and determined to push the envelope every time we launch new solutions to real environmental issues. We are proud to contribute to the acceleration of the ecological and energy transitions,” said Jean-François Bolduc, president of Logistec and Sanexen.


In 2020, Sanexen opened the first-ever North American C&D fines recovery plant. Since then, the operations have grown and process over 30,000 tons of fines. The plant has a full-scale processing capacity of up to 150,000 metric tons per year.

The process designed and patented by Sanexen consists of segregating the fine materials from the sorting centers into three distinct grades: ultra-fine materials, which are then conditioned for bio-treatment and composting; wood, paper and cardboard for energy recovery; and aggregates, which are used to make construction roads.

“Companies like Sanexen are at the heart of the solution in the collective effort to reduce waste and fight climate change, which is why we are pleased that Québec Circulaire is recognizing their exceptional work and innovation. It’s one more step towards our ultimate goal of a waste-free Quebec,” added Madeleine Paquin, president and CEO of Logistec.

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Over 600 million tons of C&D fines are generated annually in North America. C&D fines represent a large portion of the materials managed by sorting centers, with some facilities generating up to 25 per cent of their incoming volume in C&D fines. Hundreds of thousands of tons of this C&D debris are now being fully recycled and reused instead of ending up in landfills.  Sanexen is also actively working on the next generation of C&D fines recovery, turning the debris into value-added materials, as example for construction, that will be incorporated into future construction projects.


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