Saturday, February 4, 2023

Tag: pollution

Pollution Probe announces recipient of 2022 award: Edward Burtynsky

The Pollution Probe Award is a highlight of Pollution Probe's Annual Conference and Gala, which celebrates the achievements of those working towards tangible environmental...

New national consultation process to curb plastic pollution

Plastic pollution litters communities, waterways, and natural spaces across Canada. Every year, Canadians throw away three million tonnes of plastic waste, less than 10...

Tips to Keep Canadian Beaches Clean on Canada Day

Canada Day is coming up tomorrow. It's a great time to go outside and spend some time on the water, but it’s important to...

Art Installation Depicts the Consequences of Climate Change

Ontario Place in Toronto is now presenting "Over Floe," a climate change themed sculpture installation that will float in the inner lagoon from spring...

New National Energy and Emissions Database Launched

The Ministry of Natural Resources is supporting the development of the Municipal Energy and Emission Database (MEED), an integrated geospatial platform that tracks greenhouse gas...

Get Smart on Stormwater to Save Billions

As climate change begins to gather speed, its impacts become more visible each year. It is not just about polar bears anymore. It isn’t...