Saturday, January 28, 2023

Tag: University of Calgary

Young professionals launch engagement plan to build clean hydrocarbon workforce

The Calgary, Alberta-based Clean Resource Innovation Network (CRIN), and five energy young professional associations — Young Energy Infrastructure Professionals (YEIP), Young Women in Energy (YWE), Young...

Research grants to support energy transition pathways announced

The Transition Accelerator has announced the recipients of its second Transition Pathways research grant. Launched in April 2021 to develop transformational pathways to reach...

Environmental Testing Can Catch COVID-19 Outbreaks Faster

A study at three Calgary hospitals has proven that testing wastewater for COVID-19 can help identify cases and predict outbreaks in individual high-risk facilities. The...

Innovative Environmental Research at University of Calgary Receives Support

The Alberta government is supporting research at the University of Calgary that will help advance new energy and environmental technology. The University of Calgary has...

Alberta Energy Regulator’s Appointments to Stabilize Governance

Seven industry experts were appointed to the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) board of directors to help stabilize its governance and leadership on economic and...