We are reaching out to gauge interest among those working in the environmental industry regarding the establishment of a potential network for women within the fields of sustainable construction, land use, and environmental consulting in Canada.

The initial concept has been an initiative of three females with decades of experience working in the industry: Corinne Lynds, VP of Content at Actual Media Inc.; Tanisha Monster, Business Development at Milestone Environmental Contracting Inc.; and, Connie Vitello, Editor at Environment Journal.

The idea of forming such a network emerges from their belief in the importance of creating a supportive and collaborative community for women in the industry. All perspectives and any feedback are integral to helping determine if there is genuine interest in this initiative.

Are you ready to dive into an exciting opportunity that combines professional growth, knowledge sharing, and collaboration, all while having a great time? By sharing your thoughts and insights, you can help shape the potential network’s goals and activities to best suit your needs and aspirations as well as help provide a more fulfilling career experience for the next generation of women working in the industry.

To express your interest and share your perspective, please click on the following link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/766SJRF

Featured image credit: Getty Images

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