The David Suzuki Foundation is launching a new national network to offer support to citizen groups throughout the country, with tools and resources, mentoring and training, as well as inspiration.

The Future Ground Network, which is being launched on February 10, 2021, will work to create urban agriculture projects, build awareness of key environmental issues, advance sustainable transportation and promote climate actions.

The launch of the network will occur through a webinar that will feature David Suzuki and a message about local agents of change and the power of collective action.

For further information on the network and to register for the webinar, click here.

The David Suzuki Foundation has also released Season 1 of The David Suzuki Podcast, which explores how the pandemic can help us refocus on what’s most important in life, and how a green and just recovery from COVID-19 could lead to a more sustainable, equitable future.

Season 1 episode overview:

  1. “Fire” — featuring Jane Fonda, DSF clean energy expert Sherry Yano and climate change communications expert Ian Mauro, with music from Andrina Turenne
  2. “Air” — featuring Kwame McKenzie, Jennifer Keesmaat and DSF climate solutions policy analyst Gideon Forman, with music from Richard Inman
  3. “Water” — featuring Autumn Peltier, Allie Rougeot, Jeannette Armstrong and DSF oceans expert Jay Ritchlin, with music from Leaf Rapids
  4. “Earth” – featuring Winona LaDuke, Attracta Mooney and DSF boreal forest and caribou campaigner Melissa Mollen Dupuis, with music from Carly Dow
  5. “Spirit” — featuring Neil Young and DSF board president and co-founder Tara Cullis, with music from Neil Young

For further information, tune into the The David Suzuki Podcast.

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Featured image: Courtesy of the David Suzuki Foundation, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.


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