Nature Energy, a global leader in renewable energy, announced that it has acquired land in Farnham, Quebec, to build its first-ever biogas plant in North America. This is an important step for the Danish company to establish a large-scale facility to convert biomass from local agricultural production, industry and institutions into renewable natural gas (RNG) for the Quebec grid.

“It’s fantastic that our ambitions to contribute to the ecological transition with farmers, businesses and the community beyond Denmark’s borders are being realized here in Quebec,” said Ole Hvelplund, president and CEO of Nature Energy. “Our Danish facilities have allowed us to acquire unique expertise in the field of ecological transition. With this acquisition in Quebec, we are now taking our expertise abroad, which will contribute to the green transition worldwide.”

Nature Energy looks forward to working with agricultural producers in the region, regardless of the size of their operation. The use of organic biomass (manure, slurry, etc.) helps reduce GHGs by providing consumers with a clean source of energy.

“We are looking forward to working with Quebec farmers on this circular economy and green transition project,” added Ole Hvelplund. “Reducing the environmental impacts of human activity requires a global effort and we look forward to helping make a concrete difference in the green transition in Quebec by supplying RNG to the natural gas grid.”

In addition to adding value to biomass produced by agriculture, industries, businesses and institutions, Nature Energy’s project represents an investment of approximately $100 million that will create more than 200 jobs during the plant’s construction phase and 15 permanent jobs once it is in operation.

“The fight against climate change is our common responsibility and today I am proud that Farnham is part of the solution, with a project that will have concrete results right here. The biogas plant will directly benefit local farmers, in addition to positioning our region as a leader in this field in Quebec. I hope that our example will inspire others to adopt the same solution,” said Farnham Mayor Patrick Melchior.

Nature Energy plans to establish other plants in Canada.

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