Climate change is impacting the construction industry. Future developments must increasingly be low- or zero-carbon and resilient to future climate conditions. Low carbon construction is moving beyond energy efficiency to include construction materials embodied carbon management (quantify, reduce, offset/remove, and disclose), and in some regions, regulation.

A new Canadian company is gearing up to develop clear and actionable strategies for development owners and project team members to tackle embodied carbon and turn their projects into resilient, low-carbon models for the future.

Toronto, Ontario-based Mantle314 has announced that its climate-smart construction division will now operate as a stand-alone company known as Mantle Developments. Ryan Zizzo, who was the co-founder and chief operating officer of Mantle314, will lead the new firm as chief executive officer.

A civil engineer trained in structural design and environmental engineering, Zizzo is a leading expert on low-carbon construction.  He has been focusing on sustainable construction for the past 12 years across North America and Europe.

“The building sector accounts for over one-third of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions globally, with 11% of emissions coming from the manufacture and transport of construction materials,” said Ryan Zizzo, founder and CEO, Mantle Developments.

Ryan Zizzo, Founder and CEO, Mantle Developments

“There is a significant opportunity to not only reduce GHG emissions through reducing embodied carbon in construction material extraction, manufacturing, delivery, and construction methods but to shift the market towards materials which actually store carbon. This can move the construction industry from being a massive source of carbon emissions to becoming one or society’s primary ways to remove carbon from the atmosphere.”

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Mantle314 will continue to focus on corporate climate disclosure and reporting, climate strategy for identifying risks and opportunities as well as policy solutions, education, and training.

“Mantle314 and Mantle Developments will cross-pollinate and look for opportunities to drive new business to each other,” said Laura Zizzo, co-founder and CEO, Mantle314.  “We will continue to collaborate as an interdisciplinary network that brings deep and wide climate knowledge to our clients.”

Founded in 2015, Mantle314 advises companies on climate-related risks and opportunities. The multi-disciplinary team of lawyers, business consultants and engineers bridge the gap between global climate best practices and decision-useful business strategies.

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