Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Tag: University of Waterloo

Canada’s First Degree to Merge Sustainability and Financial Management

The University of Waterloo is offering Canada’s first Sustainability and Financial Management degree to prepare a new generation of accounting and finance professionals to...

Institutional Investors Apply New Climate Risk Matrices

Lead by the Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation (University of Waterloo), Global Risk Institute and Stanford Global Projects Center (Stanford University), a global survey...

Canadian Research Reveals Global Environmental Protection Programs Are Lacking

Incentive programs to encourage farmers and other landowners to protect the environment are key to conservation, but new research from the University of Waterloo...

Canada receives low grade on flood preparedness

Canada’s provinces and territories received a grade of “C” on flood preparedness, as determined following a two-year national study, "Climate Change and the Preparedness...

Canadian Universities Sign Charter to Tackle Climate Change

The University of Toronto and more than a dozen Canadian universities have signed a landmark charter that aims to tackle climate change through a...

New Framework Factors Climate Risk into Financial Valuation

The University of Waterloo announced on March 10, 2020 the development of a tool to help the capital markets incorporate physical climate change and...

Home Insurance Buyers Lack Access to Public Flood Data

Canadian homeowners do not have the information they need to know if they should buy flood insurance, leaving them exposed to significant financial risk. A...