Monday, March 27, 2023

Tag: CSA Group

Recommendations for building an equitable EV charging network

The transportation sector accounts for nearly a quarter (24 per cent) of total greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) in Canada. The federal government has proposed a...

CSA report explores eight opportunities to build circular economy

Canada ranks among the top waste-producing countries around the world. By 2050, annual global waste generation is projected to grow by 70 per cent...

Defining Recycling: The first step toward a circular economy for plastics

Sponsored story by CSA Group Versatility of plastic materials, ease of their manufacturing, and low production cost helped create a world where plastics are ubiquitous....

New guide by CSA Group to help municipalities improve flood-resiliency

Climate change is causing a steady increase in the frequency, intensity and duration of weather-related natural disasters. Damages caused by floods and rainstorms comprise...

Weathering the Storm: Canadian standards to boost climate resilience

Developed away from the political arena, standards offer government and industry an objective option for addressing some of today’s most pressing issues. The diverse,...