Sunday, July 3, 2022

Tag: McGill University

Artificial intelligence to assess climate change tipping points

Academic researchers are developing artificial intelligence that could assess climate change tipping points. The deep learning algorithm could act as an early warning system...

Investments into Science-Based Solutions for Smart, Healthy Cities

Over 80 per cent of Canadians lives in cities. Our health depends on environmental factors such as air quality, transportation options, and access to...

McGill Launches Centre for Energy Tech Innovation

McGill University in Montreal, Quebec has announced the launch of the McGill Centre for Innovation in Storage and Conversion of Energy (McISCE). The new...

Canada’s Greenest Employers Setting New Sustainability Standards

With millions of Canadians working away from their normal workplaces the past year, many of the country's most sustainable organizations responded by helping employees...

Canadian Universities Form Coalition to Reduce Climate Risks in Investment Portfolios

A coalition of Canadian university endowments and pension plans is launching a new initiative through SHARE, a non-profit investor advocacy organization, to engage investee corporations...

Mapping the Most Critical Spots for Conservation in Canada

To stop biodiversity loss, the Canadian government recently committed to protecting 30 per cent of its land and sea by 2030. But making conservation...

Researchers Reveal Flaws in Linking COVID-19 and Air Pollution

Carleton University’s Paul Villeneuve and McGill University’s Mark Goldberg have published new research calling into question reported links between air pollution and mortality from...

Canadian Universities Sign Charter to Tackle Climate Change

The University of Toronto and more than a dozen Canadian universities have signed a landmark charter that aims to tackle climate change through a...